Tell us a story: funny or poignant—stories about life, of human spirit, of adventure.

True stories, where fact is stranger than fiction.

Tales of the past, the future, and now.

Whether plucked from the banality of daily life or revealed from the darkest corner, these accounts inspired the filmmakers who bring them to you.

Using the threads of our existence these storytellers weave their tales for us to enjoy.

Inspiring stories must be shared!
FIPADOC will be their showcase…

A new event on the grand festival circuit of european documentary

FIPADOC celebrates documentaries!

In-theatre and online screenings of selected works will shine a spotlight on their creativity, increase their audience, and encourage their distribution.

FIPADOC brings narrative, sound, and vision professionals together for a festive occasion fostering exchange and the creation of new projects.

Held in January every year, FIPADOC is one of the first major events on the annual grand festival circuit of European documentary.

The best french and international documentary productions

FIPADOC presents a full range of documentaries, including:

  • close to 100 documentary selections;
  • short, medium, and full-length films; individual programs and series;
  • all viewing formats;
  • any narrative style that can be considered creative, high-quality, and free.

FIPADOC is also an international competition with…

Three Major Prizes

  • International competition
  • French competition
  • Musical documentary competition

And Special Prizes

  • Audience Award: for the “Panorama of Francophone Creation”
  • Mitrani Prize for best first film
  • Erasmus+ Prize
  • Hackathon Prize
  • Innovation Prize

See you in Biarritz!

The rugged beauty of the Basque coastline and the elegance and richness of the city’s imperial and art deco architecture have made Biarritz famous as a summer resort.

As for Biarritz in winter: some rain should be expected, true!, but the emotions swelling from the Festival will outduel the elements that may rage outside!

Enjoy the documentaries safe and warm in the comfort of magnificent theatres as the waves crash into the rocks and the wind sweeps away any gloomy ideas. Following the screenings, step out onto the terraces warmed by the January sun to discuss the films…
With 30 years of experience in hosting the Festival (as Fipa, to which FIPADOC is the successor), we look forward to receiving you with seamless organisation, new faces, and high-quality films; let the festivities begin!

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