21-26 January 2020

Musical Documentary

This showcases French and international films 50 minutes or longer, unreleased in France, in which music plays the starring role. A prize of 5,000€ is awarded to the filmmaker by the SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music).

Members of the jury
  • VALLI BUDESTSCHU, productrice, réalisatrice
  • PASCALE CUENOT, réalisatrice, productrice
  • REINHARDT WAGNER, compositeur
Sacem (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique), logo

AWARDED FILM The 5 Browns: digging through the darkness
Ben Niles
United States, 2018, 1 h 39 A documentary about The Five Browns – a family of five piano prodigies – from triumphant musical career to the tragic revelation of child sex abuse. 24/01 at 16:15, Cinéma Le Royal
26/01 at 17:30, Colisée

Carmine Street Guitars
Ron Mann
Canada, 2018, 1 h 20 New York’s Greenwich Village: a duo of custom guitar makers build handcrafted instruments out of reclaimed wood making their appearances and sounds unique. 23/01 at 9:45, Cinéma Le Royal
25/01 at 16:30, Cinéma Le Royal

Fading Mountains
Yuxi Cui
China, 2018, 1 h 14 Following the lives of an elderly couple in a traditional Yao village in China, we witness the slow disappearance of a way of life where daily activities and work are done in music. 23/01 at 19:30, Colisée
25/01 at 12:00, Casino municipal Théâtre

Fuck Fame
Lilian Franck, Robert Cibis
Germany, 2018, 1 h 20 An unfiltered dive into the life of electro-rap curio “Uffie” – a young woman who feels lost in a chaotic world of her own creation. 23/01 at 9:30, Casino municipal Théâtre
24/01 at 18:15, Colisée

Going for the Impossible - The Conductor Mirga Gražinte-Tyla
Daniela Schmidt-Langels
Germany, France, Lithuania, 2018, 1 h 27 Mirga is THE shooting star on the classical music scene today. Experience the most extraordinary conductor during her first term in the Birmingham Orchestra. 24/01 at 9:30, Casino municipal Théâtre
26/01 at 14:30, Casino municipal Théâtre

Joséphine Baker, première icône noire
Josephine Baker, the story of an awakening
Ilana Navaro
France, Belgium, 2018, 52 min From poor Missouri-born child to diva in France, Josephine Baker was the first ever black global superstar. 24/01 at 12:00, Casino municipal Théâtre
26/01 at 14:00, Gare du Midi Atalaya

Koncert na dwoje
Concerto For Two
Tomasz Drozdowicz
Poland, 2018, 1 h 15 A story about passion, talent and great love. In the marriage of Ewa and conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk, she sacrifices herself to protect him, his music and their life. 23/01 at 11:45, Casino municipal Théâtre
25/01 at 20:00, Colisée

Olivia Rochette, Gerard-Jan Claes
Belgium, France, 2018, 53 min The final weeks of rehearsals commence for "Mitten wir im Leben sind", a show written by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Jean-Guihen Queyras. 23/01 at 11:00, Gare du Midi Gamaritz
25/01 at 14:30, Cinéma Le Royal

Stéphanie JOANNÈS
France, 2018, 52 min Punk band The Dizzy Brains from Madagascar―one of the world’s poorest countries―gets their big break at the 2015 Transmusicales in Rennes. 23/01 at 16:15, Cinéma Le Royal
25/01 at 9:30, Gare du Midi Gamaritz