21-26 January 2020

French Documentary

This showcases films 50 minutes or longer, unreleased in France. A prize of 5,000€ is awarded to the filmmaker by the SCAM (Civil Society of Multimedia Authors).

Members of the jury
  • JEAN-MARIE DURAND, journaliste
  • DOMINIQUE GROS, auteure, réalisatrice
  • MEHRAN TAMADON, réalisateur
Scam (Société civile des auteurs multimedia), logo

AWARDED FILM Quelle folie
What Madness
Diego Governatori
France, 2018, 1 h 27 Aurélien has Asperger syndrome. His constant instability stops him from getting his bearings or focusing on anything. 24/01 at 9:30, Gare du Midi Atalaya
26/01 at 9:30, Gare du Midi Gamaritz

Algérie, la guerre des appelés
Le Bourbier
France, 2018, 68 min + 62  min In the spring of 1956, thousands of young conscripted soldiers sent to Algeria suddenly face unprecedented moral dilemmas. This is their story. 24/01 at 16:30, Gare du Midi Atalaya

Corleone, le pouvoir par le sang
Corleone, Power and Blood
Corleone, la chute
Corleone, the Fall
Mosco Levi Boucault
France, 2019, 78 min + 68  min The bloody rise to the head of the Sicilian Mafia by a son of a poor Corleone peasant—and his downfall at the hands of a judge and a vengeful rival. 25/01 at 16:00, Gare du Midi Atalaya

D’ici là
By Then
Matthieu Dibelius
France, 2018, 45 min Koffi is a chauffeur for the disabled in Paris, navigating the chaos brought about by the state-of-emergency and demonstrations. 22/01 at 11:30, Casino municipal Théâtre
25/01 at 14:00, Colisée

Delphine MINOUI, Bruno JOUCLA
France, 2018, 1 h 04 A group of activists created an underground library in the besieged outskirts of Damascus, which quickly became a safe haven for peace, freedom and democracy. 23/01 at 12:30, Gare du Midi Gamaritz
25/01 at 12:15, Gare du Midi Atalaya

Françoise Dolto, au nom de l’enfant
Françoise Dolto, in the name of the child
Virginie Linhart
France, 2018, 1 h  Hitherto-unseen personal archives trace the life and clinical genius of Françoise Dolto. 23/01 at 18:15, Gare du Midi Atalaya
26/01 at 17:15, Gare du Midi Gamaritz

La Disgrâce
Didier Cros
France, 2018, 1 h 06 This film tells the tale of men and women that we look at with difficulty, in a face to face with the viewers but also with themselves. 23/01 at 9:30, Gare du Midi Atalaya
26/01 at 11:30, Colisée

Le souffle du canon
Shell shock
Nicolas Mingasson
France, 2019, 52 min In Mercantour National Park, soldiers spend 8 days trying to recover from haunting cases of post-traumatic stress. 22/01 at 16:45, Casino municipal Théâtre
25/01 at 18:45, Colisée

Les Enfants maudits
Cyril Denvers
France, 2018, 1 h 07 A look at life in the Petite Roquette children’s prison in Paris through letters written by inmates and portrayed by young actors. 24/01 at 12:00, Gare du Midi Atalaya
26/01 at 13:00, Colisée

Les Petits maîtres du grand hôtel
The Grand Hotel Ballet
Jacques Deschamps
France, 2018, 1 h 22 Chop, flambé, drizzle… Run, serve, smile… Not what every 17-year-old may be used to doing. A musical documentary of a hotel-management school. 23/01 at 14:00, Gare du Midi Atalaya
26/01 at 17:00, Cinéma Le Royal

On nous appelait Beurettes
They Called Us Beurettes
Bouchera Azzouz
France, 2018, 52 min A portrait of the first generation of Maghreb women born in France after the Algerian War, as they face their two-fold identity. 23/01 at 16:30, Gare du Midi Atalaya
26/01 at 14:00, Cinéma Le Royal

Michel Peyrard, Damien Vercaemer
France, 2018, 1 h 30 The incredible stories of ex-hostages held by FARC in Colombia, AQMI in the Sahel, ISIS or Al Qaeda in Syria, Ansar al-Charia in Yemen. 23/01 at 14:00, Colisée
25/01 at 9:30, Gare du Midi Atalaya

Vertige de la Chute
Vincent Rimbaux, Patrizia Landi
France, 2018, 1 h 26 A striking metaphor for Brazil, the Rio Opera House, a tiny haven of peace amidst the city’s chaos, is threatened with closure… 22/01 at 14:30, Casino municipal Théâtre
25/01 at 10:45, Gare du Midi Gamaritz